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Where your bottom line is our priority!
President Christopher Abel has 2 Masters of Science in Management, with specializations in Leadership and Organizational Design. Christopher has over 20 years of marketing and advertising experience. Having spent years studying multiple financial theories, running multiple businesses, and selling everything from Real Estate to Vacuums to Information Packages, Christopher has chosen to focus on helping other businesses take advantage of the power of targeted marketing!
Our current technological advances finally make targeted marketing a viable and affordable possibility for small businesses as well as big ones.
At Mark it Sold, our entire team operates in an honest, up front methodolgy. We care about not just the ability to market for businesses, but to actually produce results for our clients. That way, we are an ongoing asset for the business rather than an expense. We genuinely care about your bottom line, specializing in bringing you customers on demand.
From advertising to retargeting, Mark it Sold will track and help your company follow up on all the potential customers that your budget has produced. We help produce the ads, help you automate your response methods, and develop a large client list that actually cares about your offerings. Helping you stay in contact with the leads you already spent money to establish and  create new relationships as well.
We seek to serve clients for the long term, becoming a continual source of customers for their business.
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